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What's A Girl To Do?

Posted by Truth Be Told on 7/15/2013

Have you ever been conflicted about what move to make with a guy? So I catch this guy eyeing me in the parking lot as I finally reach my car. I'm out of breath but still looking good as I had tiptoed across the parking and managed to contain my composure. He slowly rolls up to where I can see him and I'm thinking not bad.   Nice look, sounds intelligent , nice ride. He says hello I respond and flash my I'm interested smile, he rolls on.
 As most Sunday mornings are in mega church parking lots things are moving pretty slow. I pull onto the street and I see  Mr. Jag, I wave and smile he follows, but very slowly, finally he reaches the traffic light and its red, lets his window down and says hi my name is Mr. right age, right status and looks right for you. The light changes and we need to proceed, he moving forward but really slowly  and I'm trying to maintain my pace.
 Finally I decide that I will pull into the next gas station so we can chat, he misunderstands my lane change and speeds up and goes through the light, thinking I had dissed him. I guess I shouldn't expect the man to drive up next to me and ask me to pull over so we can exchange numbers. I guess I misinterpreted the slow driving as questionable when he was probably thinking she'll slow down too and then I will pull over. I was trying to do this right, so he wouldn't  think that I was too over eager and let the man "find" the woman, but that didn't work! So you tell me what's a girl to do?

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