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Resting Place

Posted by Muse on 8/3/2013

I feel like the walls is closing in, I can’t see past tomorrow

Spend all day smilin just to hide the sorrow

They say I’m not suppose to be this way

And I’m way too young to endure this pain

But promises made separate the dark from the day

And just one flight can make the frowns go away


I swear you make it all worth it

Rough days and bad nights I swear you make it all perfect

I’ve always been one to be in tune with my thoughts

And share them with no one; I keep the locks to the vault

But you discovered my secrets and kept them close to your chest

Cuz close to your heart was the place they found rest


When I’m out, and these women start to choose

I compared to you they always seem to lose

You were a queen before I ever wore a crown

So how could I ever even consider letting you down


They say love is overrated and true feelings are so outdated

But a word from you encourages me to ignore what they sayin

you’re the fuel to my drive like ethanol 85

and even after death our love will survive in our daughter’s eyes


So even when you get on my nerves and talking at times seems like a hobby

and even when you ask if I’m gonna call you and I say probably

I call anyway cuz the only way a dude will steal you from me is over my dead body….


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