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Re-Grow Your Hair

Posted by Ms. Mahogany on 3/30/2015 to Extension Care (TLC)

Is your hair damaged, broken, going through the transition from permed to natural? Are you struggling with how to regrow your hair?  Believe you are not alone although I wear extensions day and night I struggled with this very issue.  I have listed below several options of how to begin the re-growth of healthy and strong hair.

Hair regrowth can be achieved through several ways.

1. Cleansing the scalp and hair more often

  • Have you ever heard that dirty hair grows faster? Well in my case I have experienced that my hair growth grew faster when I maintained clean hair.  As we tell our customers wash your extensions once a week I decide to take the same advice for my own hair. Washing my hair weekly did more justice to my hair follicles than leaving them clogged with dirt and build-up

2. Oiling the roots of the hair

  • Oiling the scalp creates the environment for new hair to survive and grow as opposed to a dry, unhealthy scalp
  • Keeping the hair oiled helps with the elasticity and bounciness of the hair, preventing snapping and breakage of the hair
  • The more oiled and moisturized the hair is, the  more likely it is to live longer

2. Massaging: Who doesn’t love a good massage

  • Massaging the scalp gently helps to improve circulation of the blood to the scalp and often generates the growth of new hair
  • Hair regrowth is often created through massaging the scalp because the scalp is shocked and invigorated through the relaxing process, the key is to be consistent in this practice (You can use oil for the massage try 100% Virgin Olive Oil)

4. Delete the Stress

  • Stress is one of the number one reasons for hair loss. Life has its rollercoasters don’t allow it to take you on the ride and your hair  show the effect of it

5. Advice from a Professional

  • If none of the above have offered any assistance with re-growing your hair please visit a  licensed dermatologist so they can evaluate what may be causing your hair loss and, in result, find you some helpful solutions to gain back your healthy flowing hair


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