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It's Time!

Posted by Truth Be Told on 9/11/2013

With all the new awareness of self, I thought I would take a look at me. Be your best self, will you date yourself, and rate yourself self- help assessments really got me to thinking. Well, done, done & done, not bad if I say so myself. Do you wonder why so many no good women have all the good men and you don’t? Me too! So what’s wrong with you?
That question can either drive a sister to drink or think, or curse you out. Actually, I wanted to say hit the red button you just pissed me off! What a dumb*** question. Let’s flip that thing what’s right with you?: Do you love you? At least most of the time. Do you think that you are fine or sexy? Are you fun to be with, lighthearted easy going,flirty & flirtatious , hmmm all good attributes.
But every woman doesn’t exhibit all of those characteristics. So fine tune the ones you do have and work on those. Be friendly , approachable, and don’t be too smart too soon (mouthy). Remember you just want to engage. Keep it real and have some fun. Here’s to having fun with the pursuit to letting the chocolate covered brother find you. Or vanilla, caramel or whatever your pick.

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