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How to Find a Good Stylist

Posted by Ms. Mahogany on 2/23/2015 to Extension Care (TLC)


We all know finding a stylist is like finding a good man. It can be so nerve racking trying to make sure you are making the right decision. I mean this is your hair we are talking about here!  A good hair stylist can turn a sour attitude into one full of joy with some magic hands and a heated iron, believe me I know.   You have to vibe with your stylist; remember you are giving them free range to use their creative ability on you.

Beauties checkout the list we created to help you select the best stylist for your needs

1.       Never. Did I say Never? Never get your hair permed or colored before getting a sew-in installation or braidless sew-in technique

In Need of Specialty

2.       If you have any specific hair problems whether it is dealing with alopecia, baldness, or dealing with cancer be sure to visit a licensed cosmetologist who specializes in these specific hair needs. Also, be sure you visit your dermatologist to be properly diagnosed.

Regular Maintenance

3.       Your ends are extremely important with maintaining healthy hair be sure to get a trim before every install. ( Be sure that you select a Stylist that is a licensed Cosmetologist)

4.       If your current stylist doesn’t specialize in healthy hair care. Be sure to find an additional Stylist that can treat your  hair previous to your install

5.       If your edges are thinning be sure to leave some out to reduce additional thinning

Great Hair Protectant

6.       Closures! The Hottest New product we offer. Let’s be clear Closures can go two ways. Look very natural or look a HOTT MESS!! Be sure when choosing a stylist they understand how to install your closure whether it is installed by being sew-in or glued.

Is She/He Reachable

7.       Are you able to reach your stylist? Sometimes we have hair disasters and Lord knows your stylist can be described as life saver when they come to the rescue. Beauties choose a stylist that can reach and is able to contact you back in decent time frame.  As a client you should be a priority ( Please take in to account this has nothing to do with availability/openings within their schedule)



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