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Hair Care Guide

How Do I Care For My Mahogany Luxury’s Extensions

A: Treat your premium hair extensions as if they were your own hair. Our hair extensions are virgin, but they are not indestructible. Excessive chemical (coloring) and mechanical (blow drying and curling iron) applications will eventually lead to damage that is irreparable.

Q: How am I suppose to brush my extensions?

A: Use an extension brush. As you can probably guess, extension brushes are designed to best suit the needs of hair extensions. When brushing your hair be sure to brush from the ends to the top of your extensions. You can use them the same way that you would use a normal brush, such as when you use a blow dryer to dry the hair. If possible let your hair naturally dry or air dry to maintain all the nutritionist from the conditioner.

Q: How often should I wash my extensions?

A: Often enough to keep the extensions clean. We recommend at least once or twice per week. But if your daily routine includes exercise or swimming, your extensions should be washed immediately after any rigorous activity. Be sure to use a wide-tooth comb when removing any tangles during wasingh/conditioning period.

Wear a cap when swimming or keep hair extensions above water. Chlorine and salt water can cause the hair to tangle and mat. We recommend that you wear your hair away from the nape of your neck (e.g. a ponytail) when engaging in exercise.

Q: How do I wash my hair?

A: Ask your stylist for recommendations as to shampoo and conditioner appropriate for your hair pattern, texture and finish. We suggest using an all natural product or a very mild shampoo and conditioner. Be certain to brush your extensions prior to washing. And when washing, move hands in a downward motion. When a large amount of water is added at once to medium luster and low luster hair, hair can swell up and tangle. Gradually wet the hair, add a bit of conditioner, and using a comb with widely spaced teeth, gently comb through the hair before washing.

Q: Any styling techniques for my extensions?

A: For Straight or Wavy, we recommend finger combing or using a comb with widely spaced teeth, before brushing. For any luster, whether combing or brushing, start at the ends of your hair and gently work your way up. Always comb or brush in a downward motion. Do not comb or brush harshly. Be certain that your combing or brushing routine doesn’t end until your reach the very top of the weft of each extension. Heat is one of your hair’s worst enemies; the more you use it, the shorter the life of your hair extensions. Be careful when using blow dryers and curling irons. It is best to let your hair dry naturally and to limit the use of flat and curling irons to 1 to 4 times per month

Q: Does Mahogany Luxury’s recommend any styling products for my hair extensions?

A: To enhance the hair’s natural pattern and shine, we recommend an ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) rinse. Purchase organic ACV at your local store. After washing and conditioning your hair, gently rinse with cold water. Then, spritz hair with the ACV rinse, which is 1 teaspoon of ACV mixed in 1 cup of water. Do not rinse.

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