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A Year and Some Change

Posted by The Muse on 8/14/2013

In my thoughts sometimes I stand alone and search through my mind for memories of home. Aww yes there it goes, the time we sat on the couch and I helped you paint your toes. What about the time you told me you didn’t trust me then turned around two months later and told me you loved me.

I swear I’ll never forget the one that came before you. Her, I could have loved but I couldn’t quite forget you. My time with her ended after we met at Bennu and you said life without me was something you couldn’t do.

Dang that full of fear love. That my heart is screaming and I hope you hear it love.

I waited a whole semester just so I could text you and after you gave me your number you acted like I’d never met you. But look at us now preparing for the holidays, buying plane tickets and planning get aways.

I never could have seen this in my younger days but I’m happy God loves a man that prays. Cuz I told him I wanted you but I didn’t know your name. I wanted to win your heart but I didn’t know your game.

And even when I gave my hearts to others and tried to get them to stay, he was steadily preparing you for that oh so glorious day.

I remember it so clear, you sat across the room. I told Isaac there she go,"who?" the one I want to choose.

Took a sip of liquid courage when you passed by, but the fear of no reply kept me from saying hi. But thank God for your curiosity, cuz little did I know you were watching me and when you asked Britt if you should speak she didn’t say no.

Sacrifice it all I swear i truly will and cycle through this life unafraid as long as your my training wheels.

Some stories the human mind can’t create, but yet and still something divine they seem to emulate. So when angels watch us from above and begin to cry, it will be tears of joy because we remind them of the Love of Christ.

The Muse..

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