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5 Mahogany Hair Tips of Longevity

Posted by Ms. Mahogany on 2/16/2015 to Extension Care (TLC)

I’m sure you hear us say as well as our clients tell you about the longevity of our Extension line, this hair was built to LAST! Did we say Last? Yes, Last! Mahogany Luxury’s on average lasts up to a year or more (depending on the owner of course).

We have true methods tried by the Mahogany Team that are KEY to making those luxurious extensions last beyond 12 months of joy!

I am definitely one to attest to these methods because I use my extensions until they can’t be used anymore. I am the definition of the coloring Queen. My motto: the lighter the better when it comes to coloring my hair.

1.    The Install: NEVER Sew THROUGH The Wefts But AROUND

Don’t look at me clueless, you heard me! This is so possible. The weft is very important to the formula and foundation of our extension line. The wefts aka the foundation is made for durability and resistance against wear and tear. The over and under method is BEST this is what we consider AROUND. This minimizes the shedding. Lord knows we hate even the minimum. Oh the BIGGEST thing, Avoid if possible cutting the wefts, have your stylists while installing to FOLD the tracks over to avoid cutting. We inform our Newbies of this all the time this is the only way to be to get those Wefts LAID to PERFECTION!!

(We are taking you through these steps as if you just got your hair DONE and Can't Nobody tell you Nothing)

2.   The WRAP!

This step is SO important, though I often forget to do it, lol!! Always comb and wrap that hair of yours before you going to bed. A lot of our clients love the flexi-rod method, it is a great time saver in the morning, you get bouncy beautiful heat-free curls, can’t beat that. If you’re rocking our Wavy or Curly texture braid your hair into two plats and call it a night. Get your cute silk scarf and bonnet on, and you’re working towards Longevity for months to come.

3.   The Heat: Safety First

Ok that was corny but here’s the thing. When curling and flat ironing your hair make sure temperatures are at 350 degrees or below. When you get to 400 degrees +  you get a case of the burnt hair smell, (Eww) the burnt hair smell is the worst and that smell good perfume isn’t hiding the smell either, Lol. Even though your hair is 100% human hair, treat it like your own. You want to maintain your Mahogany Luxury’s hair by always using a moderate heat level to maintain what? Longevity!! I think you have the hang of it. Oh and there’s nothing like that natural luster!

4.    Tender, Loving, Care

Weekly Co-washing is a MUST. Our Brazilian line works best when you treat it like it’s your own. Get use to Shampooing and Conditioning on a regular. We love the affordable Organic  Morrocan Argan Oil, we got ours from our local drugstore. After a great condition allow hair to air dry, stay away from the blow dryer remember heat is not your friend..lol.. Remember we are striving for longevity!

5.   Deep Conditioning is Your New BFF

 Remember I told you guys I love Coloring my Mahogany Luxury’s hair, right?? Well our Lux Virgin Natural Wave is my fav for versatility I love wearing it bone straight and then back to its natural get up and go wave pattern. Oh but not without some head turning color and I’m ready to go, but not without my BFF. With a Great Deep Condition my Mahogany Luxury’s maintains its luster and looks ever so healthy… Remember your BFF is here to help keep your investment looking Fabulous and Moisturized.

Remember you made an investment and these are

 just simple tips to keep that investment just that, The BEST choice you’ve made in a long time… Welcome to the #IamMahogany movement.

… Much Love Mahogany Beauties

Signing out….

~ Ms. Mahogany
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Jalisa K.
Date: 2/1/2013
Love this post! Great helpful tips on how I can take care of my Mahogany Luxury's hair.
Date: 12/24/2022
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